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Our Campus

We are so blessed to have 25 acres of land right on the North end of Chico. When visiting please feel free to use this map to help you find your way around our campus. 

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church
Pleasant Valley Baptist Church
Main Auditorium

Main Auditoriom

This is where the preaching takes place. The nursery for ages 2 and under are also located in the main building so it allows easy access to you and your young one.

Christian Life Center
Ten Commandments
Red Room
Gym Floor

Christian Life Center

The Christian Life Center is the largest building we have on campus. We currently use this building on Sundays for our 1st-6th grade Children's Ministries.  For more information about our Children's Ministries click here.

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church

Hope Hall

Hope Hall was dedicated to Evangelist Jim Delashmit who is now in heaven. The building received its name after one of his well-known sermons entitled, "From Dope to Hope."

Hope Hall is used on a weekly basis for our Christian School, Xtreme Teens, and our Patch the Pirate Club.

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